About Us


The Climate Justice Action Network is one of several action networks connected with the Western Methodist Justice Movement.  It originated as a project of the Climate Justice Working Group of the Advocacy and Justice Committee of the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church.  The Coordinator of this Climate Justice Action Network is The Reverend Sharon Delgado, an ordained United Methodist minister and Executive Director of Earth Justice Ministries, which supports this work.

Our specific goals are:

To organize a network of United Methodists and others to advocate for climate justice, beginning in the California-Nevada Annual Conference and other annual conferences within the Western Jurisdiction.

To work across annual conferences with Fossil Free UMC to advocate for General Conference legislation to establish an investment screen on fossil fuels and to network with other faith and secular groups about the “fossil free” movement.

To add and administer a Climate Justice Action Network as part of the Western Methodist Justice Movement.

To organize educational presentations and work with local churches to establish Climate Justice Action Teams.

To work with United Methodists and other faith and secular organizations to organize public actions to highlight the need to take strong action to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Public policy and Social Justice Advocacy

Our approach to climate change includes advocacy related to climate justice and sustainability, social and economic justice, and peace and nonviolence.  All of these issues are related and are   tied together in this work.  Climate change harms the poorest and most vulnerable people first and worst, and will ultimately impact everyone and will exacerbate all forms of injustice, leading to increasingly harsh police and military action.   We need to form diverse coalitions and work with others who are disaffected and dispossessed to change the system that is causing climate change and so many other social ills.

We collaborate with larger groups that focus on advocacy, including Interfaith Power and Light, 350.org (coordinating with global days of action), Sierra Club (legislation and actions), and Flush the TPP (focusing on damaging impacts of free trade agreements).   We also coordinate our efforts with Rising Tide North America and several other groups calling for nonviolent direct action  to change the system.  These coalitions are joining with other constituencies that are working to change the system:  Black Lives Matter, living wage, immigrant rights, prison reform, the peace movement, and others.  We are glad to join them.