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Book Study on This Changes Everything with Reverend Sharon Delgado at the Nevada City United Methodist Church

It is not easy to learn about climate change, understand its impacts, and develop a faith response.  How can we face such a grave threat to our loves ones, to those who are most vulnerable, to future generations, and to the whole community of life on earth?  How can we develop a response that is proportionate to the dangers that we face?

Acting alone, this may not be possible, but with God all things are possible.  And working together across the United Methodist denomination and in cooperation with people of all faith and secular traditions, we can accomplish far more than we could ever do alone.  Our goal includes, but is not limited to, changing our lifestyles.  As climate action organizer of 350.org and United Methodist Sunday School teacher Bill McKibben said,

“Most people understand that we’re in a serious fix.  There’s nothing you can do as individuals that will really slow down this juggernaut … You can say the same thing about the challenges faced by people in the civil rights or the abolition movement, or the gay rights movement or the women’s movement. In each case, a movement arose; if we can build a movement, then we have a chance.”

Our goal must be to join with others to build a movement strong enough to change the system that underlies climate change and so many other ills.  To that end, we will be adding information here on this site that will help equip us for this work.  The  Web Links and Resources  pages have materials that can educate, inspire, and motivate faithful action for climate justice.    Check out the Events and Actions page and the Blog for additional information and inspiration.

Meanwhile, the following report from the National Council of Churches will help to put the challenge of climate change into perspective by relating it to the ministries that are dear to our hearts:  How Climate Change will Impact Core Ministries.